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  • Feedback from a 17+ year animation veteran
  • 16 submissions for animation feedback
  • Flexible schedule! 1 submission a week, multiple submission a week, submit whenever you want, need a break? We'll resume whenever you're ready. Submissions never expire!
  • Submissions range from bouncing balls to advanced acting and short film productions
  • Feedback given using video reviews
  • $499 via Paypal

Questions? The FAQ should cover it all.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Feedback is now on Youtube!

I switched from blocked online sessions (Spring, Summer, Fall) to all year sign-ups, meaning you can start whenever you want to. Here's a brief overview of what the workshop is:

Check out the FAQ for more detailed information. If you have any other questions not covered there, email me using signup (at)

All the critiques (with the animator's permission) will be uploaded to my channel:


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